Not only am I capable of making pretty things…I give really good hints as to how to do it!!  Please enjoy and comments are always welcome!!

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  1. I’m curious did you end up doing an etsy store or another venue to sell your crafts. I have hit a standstill–I myself have crafted items that I would like to sell, but can’t decide on if I want to take the plunge with etsy or try to work on a wesite of my own. What are your thoughts or what have you tried already? I don’t have much money to spend on trying to make money at this time, so I am timid to jump into just anything.


    • Hello, Carla! No, I haven’t started selling on Etsy yet…just don’t have the time to take care of it the way I should. However, I think that starting off with Etsy is a really good way to get your feet wet instead of starting off with your own web site. Etsy has a ready made community of buyers and teams that are very willing to support you through your starting up period. Then, if the Etsy thing takes off, THEN move to your own web site and take your customers with you. I hope that helps you; if I didn’t have a massively time consuming full time job…I’d be doing the exact same. Good Luck!!!


  2. Just found your site and I see something on your eggs that I am getting on mine and I’d like some informational help please.!!! All your ostrich eggs appear to have black/grey spots on them.
    When I have worked on etching my emu eggs I also get those black sport and I don’t want them! How did you get all those on yours? I was using black wax to put on my patterns then using an etching solution and when I melted off the wax – lo and behold the dreaded black spots. I’d appreciate any suggestions and help you can give me about this.
    Thanks heaps – RIta


    • Hi Rita! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I actually like the spots on the eggs (they’re pores that are natural to the eggs; the larger the pores, the older the egg was when it was blown) because they make the scrimshawing look older. But anyway…

      I saw your post last night and have been thinking a great deal about how you can fix your problem. Have you thought about covering your eggs in a clear wax a couple of times before adding the black layer? It may give you that little bit of time to get the black layer off before the clear layer comes off. Another option may be mineral spirits with a Q-tip so you can really get in there to get the black wax out. I know it would be time consuming but anyone that got into egg art didn’t do it as a “quick” project.

      I hope that helps you, good luck!


  3. Thanks for the insights.
    Yep – I thought about coating the egg where the pattern isn’t going to be with a clear wax – but that still doesn’t help where the pattern will be – unfortunately! Wish I hadn’t cleaned off my desk – did such a great job that I cannot find the little “thingie” so that I can download pics from the digital camera! grrrr. Have fun with your art work!


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