Latest project…a box


First off….WOW!!!  The response to my lost blog entry was unbelievable!!  Who would have thought that eggs would be so interesting?  I’m still thinking that I need to start working on another one sometime soon but since I’m still working the night shift, it’s out of the question; way to noisy.

This is a “quiet” project that I’ve recently done.  My niece (my clone, actually…) has a birthday coming up this month and I thought she’d like it.  We have a little thing that we do since I live here on Cape Cod and she lives in Michigan…we actually write letters to each other!!  No, not emails or tweets or Facebook entries…write with a writing instrument and paper.  When I get a letter from her, I normally send her some homemade little jewelry thing, mostly necklaces.  So I figured that she needed a box to put them in.  I showed my sister (her Mom) these pics and she decided that she wanted it instead.  Ummm…no.  I’m making one for her too.  That will probably be the next entry.

Anyway, it was really easy to do and this is how I did it:

First off, I think I need to explain something.  I absolutely LOVE the Michael’s craft store!!  There are two of them sort of close to where I live (but they’re bringing one to Hyannis this summer so I’m very happy) and I go there whenever I can.  There are two places that I normally get my craft supplies; Ebay, if it’s for eggs and Michael’s if it’s for everything else.  This box falls into the “everything else” category.

1.  Go to Michael’s, in the unfinished wood section, and buy a box.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Some even have the hinges and closures already there (like this one).  The best part is that they are very inexpensive (I think I paid 3 dollars for this one) and the possibilities are endless with a little imagination.

2.  Find some clip art that you like and trace it onto tracing paper.  This came from a clip art book I have with a bunch of mandala’s in it.  If you don’t know what a mandala is, I highly suggest you Google it…the images will blow your mind!!  I don’t use the originals from the book because they’re so pretty,  I don’t want to ruin them and may want to use them again.

3.  Take some regular graphite paper and trace the image onto the box.

4.  This is where it starts to get fun, at least for me.  The darkened areas that create the outlines isn’t paint…it’s wood burned.  Otherwise known as “pyrography”.  Again, Google if you want to get a little more info on it.  The applications are endless with the multiple tips that you can get for the wood burning tool.  And yes; you can buy them at Michael’s.  I like using the wood burning technique because I think it adds a beautiful, rustic feel to the piece.

5.  Once the wood burning is finished, I had to decide how I was going to paint it.  But I didn’t use regular paint.  I don’t think you can tell from these pics but the inside of the flower petals are bronze leafing (real metal).  The same as gold or silver leaf.  But, this stuff is called “Rubb ‘n Buff”.  It’s real metal leaf but it’s suspended in sort of a wax and can be applied with a paint brush.  It comes in about 15 different finishes and adds a very nice touch.  The rest of the “paint” is actually pigment that…I bought at Michael’s.  I didn’t want an opaque finish because I didn’t want to overwhelm the wood burning.  I watered it down until is was very thin, brushed it on and wiped the excess off with a paper towel.  I’m not sure but regular craft paint should work the same way.

6.  On the bottom of the box I glued 4 wooden balls to the bottom to act as legs.  Yep…got them at Michael’s!  The balls have one flat side to them so they can be glued on easily.

7.  Once everything is dry, I sealed the whole thing with a matte finish sealant.  Hubby thought a shiny finish would look good too.  I may have to try that with the next one.

Anyway, there you go.  One beautiful jewelry/trinket box!!  Quick, inexpensive and most importantly for me…quiet to make! LOL!!

Thank you all that have been following my blog!!  I’m humbled by the encouragement and kind remarks that I’ve received!!


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  1. GORGEOUS!!! I think I found a new hobby this summer 🙂 The nice thing is that I already knew all the stuff you mentioned, but have never tried wood burning. Brilliant idea with the metal leafing. So subtle and natural… I thnk a gloss finish would really make it pop 🙂 Keep up with the blogging!!!!


    • Hi Bobbie! I’ve gotten so many awesome responses for my projects but I honestly have to say that your comments have meant the most. You’ve always been the artist of our group and you’ve always been the creative one with the artistic talent. You’re input has meant a lot to me. Thank you so much!!!


  2. Wow Dixie, all your projects are so beautiful! I’ve always wanted to try woodburning, my mom used to do it when I was younger and it always looked like fun. I’m looking forward to see your next post:)


    • Thank you so much Kiera!! I still need to figure out what I’m going to do with my sister’s box but I promise I’ll post that one too. Thank you!!! Congrats on the baby!!!


  3. The box and the eggs are amazing pieces of art!! Well done!! 🙂
    Can’t say much more than that… your work is amazing!!!!

    You have convinced me to get a few clip art books, too. We’ve used lots of free clip art online but I now see a good book is paramount. (My son also does some pyrography for 4-H plus some glass etching we can use the books for.)

    Catch ya later!!


    • Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for your input! My step mom taught me how to wood burn when I was about your son’s age but she also taught me the trick to do it with a magnifying glass (yes, it can be done but it’s not as neat when finished). I’ve had a lot of good luck with the Dover clip art books that have the CD in the back of it. I like it because you can size the clip art to the exact dimensions that you want and you don’t have to trace anything. Good luck with it!!


    • Sure I carved it, I made all of the projects on the blog! Since I’m not overly funny…I had to be creative! 😉

      Thanks for commenting and writing your blog. After the hugging one yesterday, I’m hooked!


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